Managing Director’s Message

Thank you for visiting our web site. I believe you became aware of Lallans®™ company overview and hence of our products as well.

We as a company in unique fields of business have excelled for over 30 years of success and hardships.

Lallans®™ group is proud to achieve many awards, recommendations and recognition by many customers and national and international bodies during the successful service to our entire customers during the past 35 years.

Our group has a very dedicated and talented work force and in collaboration with state of the art machinery we are proud to have provided the best of services and products to customer satisfaction throughout. We are proud to say during the past 35 years we have given all our customers and unmatched customer care and after sales service spreading throughout the country allowing us to maintain our valued reputation.

We are at the moment stepping on to other fields which no other company has tried, so request anyone with bright ideas and innovations to contact me on


A.W Kalpa Perera B.Eng (UK), Dip. Mgmt
Managing Director (Lallan Engineering Sports PVT Ltd) & Group Executive Director Lallans®™ Group

Children’s Park Equipment

We have a product range of over 400 items in this category. Lallans®™ holds a market share of over 90% for the supply of children’s park equipment in the country.

Track & Field Equipment

Lallans®™ manufacture all sports goods for all team games and recently taken over to provide all team game material as well.

Team games equipment

Lallans®™ undertakes manufacturing of all track & field equipment. We have been proud suppliers for the SAAF Games, Asian Games and Asian Grand Prix.

Lallans®™ Gym machines

Lallans®™ is renowned among government customers and forces for its extra heavy duty machinery. Most of our supplies to the forces and even government organizations over 15 years ago still function properly.

Body building & weight training.

All customers who are looking for high quality and durability should go with our brand name. All machines carry a comprehensive warranty of 05 years and unmatched after sales service throughout the country.

Gymnastic Equipment

We manufacture all gymnastic equipment as per the international standards and all equipment are manufactured to precision using our supreme state of the art machinery and engineering.

K.C.Marketing Services

Lallans®™ Group stepped into the food industry, where the fruits and vegetable processing factory was set up in 1999. The aim of establishing KC Marketing Services was to increase the group’s stability and also in turn help the rural farmers and the unemployed.

Lallans®™ Chemicals

Year 1993 Lallans®™ expanded their activities by stepping from the main manufacturing program and establishing an international unit to supply of liquid chlorine gas, caustic soda solid, caustic soda flakes, Hydro chloric acid,...